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  • Regulation of Artificial Intelligence: EU agrees on new rules

    Опубликовано: 2023-12-08 18:00:24

    After 10 hours of discussions, representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament and 27 EU member states have reached an agreement on artificial intelligence regulatory systems, including such as ChatGPT by OpenAI Inc. and Bard by Google, Reuters reports.

    EU countries are expected to use artificial intelligence for biometric surveillance in the interests of national security and defense. Representatives made some compromises to reach a final agreement. This paves the way for the adoption of a broader piece of legislation known as the Artificial Intelligence Act.

    According to Bloomberg, the use of artificial intelligence for biometric surveillance, which lawmakers are seeking to limit, was one of the main points of contention in the negotiations. The proposed plan stipulates that developers of AI models must track how their models are trained and label content created with the help of these models.

    The adoption of the law on artificial intelligence will be a crucial step for the regulation of AI tools in developed countries. If the law is approved, the European Union will become the first government outside of Asia to impose strict restrictions on this technology.

    Earlier, the G7 digital ministers called for the adoption of laws to regulate artificial intelligence. This decision provides a common benchmark for AI governance in the context of the diversity of policy instruments of the G7 members, and takes into account privacy and security risks.


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