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  • Hot salad of eggplant and oyster mushrooms: turning simple ingredients into a magical dish

    Опубликовано: 2024-02-29 08:48:01

    Prepare yourself a real culinary masterpiece - hot salad of eggplant with oyster mushrooms. You will need simple ingredients available in any supermarket.

    As a base, we use eggplants, and in combination with oyster mushrooms, tomatoes and aromatic spices, we will create a dish that will please your taste buds.

    First, choose compact, slightly underripe eggplants - they are ideal for salads. Pre-cut them and sprinkle them with salt to get rid of excess moisture when frying. Cut the soaked eggplants into cubes and send them to the frying pan along with the onions and tomato juice. Season to taste with spices and salt.

    Separately fry the oyster mushrooms in olive oil with white wine, salt and pepper. Lightly bake the tomato slices in the oven to soften them. Green onions and a sprig of basil will be a great decoration of the dish.

    Serve the hot salad by placing eggplant in the center of the plate, laying oyster mushrooms on top, and tomato slices and fragrant green details on the sides. If you like a more pronounced flavor, add finely minced garlic. Enjoy the taste and aroma of this amazing dish created with the love of home cooking.


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