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  • Saving the Panama Canal from drying up: a $2 billion project and 6 years of work

    Опубликовано: 2024-01-04 14:00:42

    Rescuing the Panama Canal from the problem of drying up will require not only significant financial costs but also six years of intensive construction work. Currently, the world is facing a critical number of delays in shipping in the canal, which requires urgent measures.

    According to Bloomberg, in the long run, the key solution to combat chronic water shortages is to dam the Indio River and build a tunnel through the mountain. These measures are aimed at supplying fresh water to Lake Gatun, which is the main reservoir of the canal.

    According to Eric Cordova, manager of the water division of the canal authority, the total cost of the project, including conservation measures, is estimated at about $2 billion. The work will take at least six years to complete. Currently, the US Army Corps of Engineers is conducting a feasibility study for the project.

    The creation of a reservoir on the Indio River will increase the canal's capacity by 11-15 vessels daily, which will ensure the normal functioning of the canal and provide fresh water for Panama.

    However, moving forward with this project could be a challenge due to the need for congressional approval and opposition from farmers and landowners who would be flooded by the reservoir.

    Another possibility is an experimental method - cloud seeding. In November, an airplane from Weather Modification Inc. tested seeding clouds with salt to create rain. However, this approach is considered experimental and may not be effective in tropical countries such as Panama.

    The Panama Canal is a key transportation route, handling 3% of the world's maritime trade and 46% of containers moving from Northeast Asia to the US East Coast. The canal is Panama's main source of revenue, generating $4.3 billion in 2022.


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