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  • Greta Thunberg will be tried in July on charges of «disobeying police» during a protest in Sweden

    Опубликовано: 2023-07-10 13:00:55

    Greta Thunberg, a well-known climate activist, will be tried in July on charges of "disobeying police" during a protest in Sweden. According to the BBC, 20-year-old Thunberg joined a group of young protesters who blocked oil tankers in the port of Malmö in June. Police said she refused to leave when asked to do so. For this, she faces a six-month prison sentence or a fine.

    A group of young activists called Ta Tillbaka Framtiden, or "We Demand the Future," blockaded the port of Malmö for six days in June. Some protesters even climbed on top of oil tankers.

    The Swedish prosecutor's office has filed charges against a young woman who, according to the prosecution, participated in a climate demonstration on June 19 this year that disrupted traffic in Malmö. Thunberg, along with three other protesters, is now due to appear in court on July 24.

    The trial is gaining particular attention because of Greta Thunberg's high profile and her active campaign to combat climate change. She has become a global leader of the youth movement demanding effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources.

    Greta Thunberg has gained international recognition for her protests and speeches calling on world leaders to act to prevent the catastrophic consequences of climate change. She founded the Friday for the Future movement, where schoolchildren and students took to the streets to express their concerns about the climate crisis.

    Despite the trial, Greta Thunberg will not stop her fight against climate change. She continues to be an active voice in global discussions and inspires young people around the world to take action.


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