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  • Extension of the moratorium on searches: a demand of the public movement

    Опубликовано: 2024-04-10 09:30:02

    The Manifesto 42 civic movement, which was founded to protect businesses from pressure from law enforcement agencies, has called on President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy to extend the moratorium on procedural actions in criminal proceedings that could lead to blocking business activities.

    The organization expressed this position in its appeal, which states that there are two weeks left until the end of the three-month moratorium. During this time, no new criminal proceedings have been recorded that could violate Article 42 of the Constitution, which guarantees the right to entrepreneurship.

    In addition, Manifesto 42 points out the need to close some old cases that have been the basis for pressure on business over the years.

    The organization also emphasizes that corruption pressure continues, and some investigators remain on guard to continue to demand bribes from businessmen for the right to operate.

    According to the movement, the Prosecutor General's Office plans to present the audit report by April 24. In its alternative report, Manifesto 42 intends to refer to landmark cases, the closure of which could serve as an illustrative example of changes in the system.

    It also emphasizes that the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption is initiating requirements to provide information on the economic activities of enterprises, while the Tax Service is trying to justify the revocation of licenses due to tax evasion.

    "Manifesto 42 calls on the Council of Seven to start discussing the most significant criminal cases that pose a threat to business due to corruption pressure. The organization also calls for consideration of the relevant case in the event of an appeal by two business associations.


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