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  • OpenAI plans to raise additional funds from Microsoft to create universal artificial intelligence

    Опубликовано: 2023-11-14 16:00:35

    OpenAI, the company behind the ChatGPT chatbot, intends to receive additional financial support from its main investor, Microsoft, to develop universal artificial intelligence (AGI). This was announced by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in an interview with the Financial Times.

    According to the FT, Altman is moving forward with his vision of creating AGI, a human-level intelligence program. He noted that OpenAI's collaboration with Microsoft is "going very well," and he plans to raise even more funds from the tech giant and other investors to spend on building more complex artificial intelligence models.

    Earlier this year, Microsoft invested $10 billion in OpenAI in a "multi-year" deal that valued the company at $29 billion. Altman expresses hope that Microsoft will continue to invest, pointing out that there is a "long way to go and a lot of computing" to achieve AGI.

    As for OpenAI's financial results, Altman said that "revenue growth this year was good," although he did not provide specific details. The company remains unprofitable due to training costs, but the partnership with Microsoft ensures mutual money-making.

    The latest confirmation of OpenAI's intentions to build a business based on ChatGPT is the announcement of new tools and an update to the GPT-4 model for developers and companies on November 6.

    Altman also revealed that OpenAI is working on developing more autonomous agents capable of performing tasks such as writing code, making payments, and sending emails. He noted that these agents are becoming more powerful, and the company is already working on the next generation of its GPT-5 intelligence model, although no specific launch dates have been set. Increasing the amount of data for training will be provided by a combination of public and private data.


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