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  • Sports and colds: why you should take a break

    Опубликовано: 2024-06-13 15:28:45

    During a cold, it is better to weaken or abandon sports training altogether. Researchers from the German Sports Institute Cologne found that sports during an acute illness can seriously damage the heart.

    Why should you avoid exercising when you have a cold?
    When an infection is accompanied by fever, physical activity can lead to inflammation of the heart muscle - myocarditis. This serious illness caused by viruses, microbes, fungi or rickettsiae can have severe health consequences.

    Effect of temperature on the body
    A body temperature above normal signals that the body is fighting an infection. In this condition, any physical exertion increases the load on the heart, which can lead to its damage. Therefore, when the temperature is high, it is recommended to completely refuse to exercise and give the body a chance to recover.

    Mild cold and physical activity
    Even if the cold is mild, intense physical activity should be avoided. Dr. Ingo Frobese from the German Sports Institute Cologne advises to reduce the level of activity and allow the body to cope with the infection without additional exertion.

    Risks to the heart
    Colds weaken the immune system, and if you continue to exercise in this condition, you can seriously damage your cardiovascular system. Myocarditis, caused by overexertion on the background of the disease, can lead to chronic heart problems and even to death.

    How to properly recover from the disease
    After recovery, it is important to gradually return to a normal exercise regimen. Start with light exercises and gradually increase the intensity. This will help avoid a recurrence of the disease and maintain your overall health.

    Taking care of your health during a cold includes avoiding exercise and paying attention to your body's signals. Proper rest and recovery will help you get back to normal life faster and continue to exercise without risk to your health.


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