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  • Standing work: advantages and disadvantages

    Опубликовано: 2023-12-09 15:28:48

    Scientists offer a new way to combat lethargy and back pain - to work at a computer, standing. Professor John Buckley of the University of Chester claims that spending three hours a day in a standing position can lead to weight loss of up to 3.6 kg in a year.

    The expert advises periodically changing position during the working day, preferring standing to sitting. this will not only help to avoid back pain, but also helps to improve blood circulation.

    The professor emphasizes that there is no need to sit at the workplace all the time. checking mail, reviewing documents and even answering calls can be done while standing. this approach reduces the risk of obesity and improves overall health.

    According to the scientist, standing posture can lead to active calorie burning. spending three hours a day on your feet can get rid of about 144 calories daily.

    Despite the positive aspects of working in a standing position, there are also some disadvantages. the first of them is the initial pain in the legs, which can occur while you get used to standing for a long time. the second disadvantage is a limitation for those who like heels, as working in a standing position requires comfortable shoes. it will also require the adaptation of the workplace - the purchase of a special desk or monitor stand.

    It is important to remember that successful implementation of a new method requires persistence and commitment to the goal.


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