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  • Ukrainian startup Vidby presents AI technology in the Google office

    Опубликовано: 2023-12-04 09:30:44

    Swiss IT company Vidby with Ukrainian roots surprised the world by presenting its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology called Vidby.AI directly in the Google office. During this event, the startup made video calls through Google Meet in real time, with the possibility of translation into Ukrainian, English, Brazilian Portuguese and Filipino languages. The co-founder of the company, Ukrainian Denis Krasnikov, informs about this on his Facebook.

    "We presented our Vidby.AI technology and a historic event took place. For the first time, video calls with translations in Google Meet took place in real time. Translations were conducted between languages such as English, Brazilian Portuguese, Filipino and Ukrainian. The second point was the presentation of online conversations with Bard AI with translation into different languages. By the way, Bard is an analogue of ChatGPT developed by Google," Krasnikov said.

    It was previously reported that the startup launched Vidby Call Translator services, which allow business teams and individual users to communicate in foreign languages through Google Meet. The translator service can work in real time and interact with more than 150 languages.

    Vidby Call Translator allows participants to communicate online without language barriers. Users can download the transcription of the meeting in the target language as a text file. Organizations can choose the optimal subscription plan to use translation in Google Meet, and this option will soon be available for Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


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