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  • Infopulse Sponsors the Launch of National IT Education Center Program Based in National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
    Опубликовано: 2014-11-26 16:11:54

    Infopulse together with its mother company EVRY has started sponsorship of National University “The Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” program to create more educational opportunities in IT field in Ukraine, including second education for people who have suffered due to different life circumstances such as refugees and those exposed to hostilities in East Ukraine and Crimea annexation. The program has gained important support from Ukrainian government and is already in the making.


    IT Education As A Driver of Positive Changes in Ukraine


    Innovative Educational Center of Computer Science is to be the place where people can gain important knowledge and practical skills to build their career in IT. The project also aims to enforce Ukrainian IT Industry in general while providing an extra pool of IT professionals to Ukrainian labor market.  One more idea behind this initiative is that while investing in development of IT Industry (or any other Ukrainian industry) we are helping our country and people of Ukraine to gain greater stability and success.


    This is a joint project between the state, business and education institution to create a platform for education for general public of different ages and backgrounds but with a common goal to create value for IT field and society in future. Our future student might be someone who has just graduated from school or an internally displaced person who can’t find a job in the previous major, or any other person who loves IT”, says Lyubov Yudenko, Infopulse Vice-President, People Operations.” We are very delighted to be the first sponsor from business and encourage others to join such initiatives”.


    Official Opening Ceremony and Launch of the Program

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