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  • Kyiv and Cisco joined forces for the development of digital infrastructure

    Опубликовано: 2024-05-17 10:00:17

    The Kyiv City State Administration reports that the capital of Ukraine has signed a memorandum of partnership with the Cisco technology company aimed at developing digital infrastructure and strengthening the city's cyber security.

    The main goal of this cooperation is to expand the city's digital services, introduce innovations in the field of intelligent transport systems and ensure a high level of digital education. Particular attention will be paid to cyber security and support of the uninterrupted operation of Kyiv's information infrastructure, as noted by the mayor of the capital Vitaliy Klychko.

    The partners plan to develop several important initiatives, including the creation of a safe hybrid educational space for students and teachers. This will ensure the continuity of learning both in classes and remotely, which is especially relevant in modern conditions.

    In addition to educational projects, the possibilities of intelligent transport systems will be studied, which will contribute to the efficient and safe use of city transport. The introduction of innovative technologies will make Kyiv's transport systems more coordinated and "intelligent".

    The capital also aims to increase the level of digital services in various areas of the city and strengthen the cyber security of its networks and information institutions. This is an important step towards creating a sustainable and secure digital infrastructure that will meet today's challenges.

    The collaboration is implemented within the framework of the Cisco Country Digital Acceleration program, which unites the efforts of government, industry and academia to build sustainable, safe and inclusive communities. This initiative is aimed at implementing ethical and innovative technological solutions that will contribute to the development of modern society.

    Thus, the partnership between Kyiv and Cisco will be an important step on the way to the digital transformation of the capital, providing its residents with access to advanced technologies and high-quality digital services.


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