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  • Simplified procedure for switching to another mobile operator with number retention

    Опубликовано: 2024-03-13 09:30:13

    A simplified procedure for switching to another mobile operator and keeping the same number has become a reality for subscribers in Ukraine. The National Commission for the State Regulation of Electronic Communications, Radio Frequency Spectrum and Postal Services has officially approved changes to the procedure for providing number portability services.

    The NCCIR press service reported that these changes are aimed at improving the availability of the right to free choice of electronic communications service provider for subscribers. One of the key initiatives is to prohibit mobile operators from imposing restrictions on subscribers regarding the portability of their numbers, including making it impossible to do so by providing additional services.

    In addition, it is proposed to shorten the notification of a call to a ported number, limiting it to an audible signal without a voice message. This simplification should improve the efficiency of the number porting process and reduce waiting time for subscribers.

    Another important initiative is to authorize the NCCC to make prompt decisions to suspend services in the event of cyberattacks or accidents. This initiative became relevant after a serious hacker attack on Kyivstar mobile operator in December 2023.

    The new rules will simplify the life of subscribers, allowing them to easily change operators while keeping their number. This opens up more opportunities for competition between operators and provides more choice for consumers.

    The number portability rules were one of the first steps in the implementation of the strategy to improve the telecommunications market in Ukraine. The introduction of new standards and rules will help to improve the quality of customer service and increase customer satisfaction with mobile services.

    These changes are expected to be an important step towards creating a more competitive and efficient mobile market in Ukraine.


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