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  • How to teach your child the art of sharing with neighbors

    Опубликовано: 2024-02-22 15:28:56

    What to do if your child does not want to share his toys with his siblings or friends on the playground? How to bring a touch of generosity into his life? It is important to realize that teaching a child to share is a process, and interfering forcefully can lead to undesirable consequences.

    From birth, children observe and copy the actions of adults. A child copies your gestures and actions and reciprocates. This principle can be used to teach a child to share. Ordinary situations can be turned into lessons.

    For example:

    A child asks you for something.

    You remind him or her of the rules of politeness.

    The child restates the request in a more polite way.

    You encourage him and provide what he wants.

    You can also help children share toys among themselves. Situations that arise can be used for conversation, encouraging them to share with each other.

    Misha wants to take a toy from his sister.

    Dad reminds him of the right way to ask.

    Masha refuses.

    Dad communicates with her, explaining that Misha wants to play.

    Dad helps them resolve the situation by offering to share the toy.

    This is followed by praise and thanks.

    Every everyday situation where sharing is required becomes a learning opportunity. Encourage your child when they share and model this behavior. For example, when you see other children sharing on the playground, emphasize this and praise them in your child's presence.

    Constant encouragement towards generosity will create a habit of sharing in your child. It is also important to be a model in sharing, demonstrating your willingness to share with others.


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