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  • The Deposit Guarantee Fund is selling the assets of nine banks

    Опубликовано: 2024-01-30 17:00:44

    The Deposit Guarantee Fund is selling the assets of nine banks that it is liquidating. The total amount of these assets is an impressive UAH 2.4 billion. This was reported by the press service of the Deposit Guarantee Fund, emphasizing the planned sale in the Prozorro.Sale system.

    The sale of assets initiated by the Deposit Guarantee Fund is scheduled to take place from January 29 to February 2. The initial sale price of all lots is UAH 2,402.8 million, which makes this a significant event for the financial sector.

    It is noted that a significant part of this amount, namely UAH 1,863.0 million, relates to loan claims. Also, real estate, land plots and other fixed assets worth UAH 489.2 million are put up for sale.

    The DGF states that these actions are part of the strategy for the liquidation of non-performing banks and are aimed at optimizing the use of their assets. The process of asset sales is planned to be carried out in an open and transparent manner through the Prozorro.Sale system.

    In addition to the sale of loan receivables and real estate assets, receivables to other banks are also up for sale. The amount of this debt is UAH 50.5 million.

    This decision of the Deposit Guarantee Fund is defined as an important step in optimizing financial resources and improving the financial stability of the system. The sale of assets will help to effectively resolve the liquidation issues and maximize the return of funds to the financial system.


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