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  • Norway continues to actively support Ukraine in restoring the damaged energy infrastructure

    Опубликовано: 2024-06-18 14:00:55

    Norway continues to actively support Ukraine in rebuilding its damaged energy infrastructure, allocating an additional NOK 1.1 billion (more than USD 73 million). Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Haar Støre announced this, noting that this assistance is very important in the context of massive attacks on the power grid by Russia, which led to significant destruction and interruptions in the supply of electricity.

    "Ukrainians are working continuously to ensure the necessary electricity supply for their people, despite the difficult conditions," the Prime Minister emphasized. He also added that the Norwegian authorities are actively cooperating with the Ukrainian side for the most effective use of the provided funds.

    The main part of this funding will be the repair of the energy infrastructure in Kharkiv, which was particularly affected by enemy attacks. Before that, 120 million crowns will be directed to the restoration of infrastructure in the city, which is one of the biggest victims of Russian aggression.

    Also, as part of this initiative, it is planned to install solar batteries in seven maternity wards and operating rooms of the Kharkiv region, which will ensure stable energy supply in critical medical institutions.

    Last year, Norway provided significant financial support to the Ukrainian energy system in the amount of 2.1 billion kroner. This year was no exception, when the country continued its support at the level of 1.9 billion kroner, demonstrating steady support and solidarity with Ukraine in the conditions of the military conflict.

    Norway has also pledged to provide significant aid to Ukraine for the period 2023-2027, allocating 75 billion kroner annually for both defense and civilian needs. Such an initiative is aimed at strengthening the country's resilience and its ability to restore economic and social structures.


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