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  • Rivneazot resumed production of mineral fertilizers after repair: what does this mean for the market

    Опубликовано: 2024-06-17 14:00:46

    "Rivneazot" PJSC, which is part of Group DF's nitrogen business, has successfully restarted key workshops for the production of mineral fertilizers, the company's press service announced. These steps became possible thanks to the completion of planned repair works.

    The restored shops include the ammonia shop (A-2), the non-concentrated nitric acid shop and the ammonium nitrate production shop. The capacity of the launched ammonia line is 650 tons of ammonia per day, and 1,000 tons of unconcentrated nitric acid per day. The ammonium nitrate plant will operate at maximum capacity, providing at least 40,000 tons of nitrate every month.

    "We successfully coped with all the challenges during repair and testing. The quality of our products after modernization meets the highest standards, which was confirmed by tests," shared Mykhailo Zabluda, Chairman of the Board of Rivneazot.

    It is noted that the company actively sends its products to various regions of Ukraine, meeting the growing demand. All logistic capabilities are maximally mobilized for prompt delivery of products according to agreements with customers.

    "Our goal is not only to fulfill all agreements clearly and on time, but also to ensure a stable contribution to the agricultural sector of Ukraine, especially in such an important period for farmers," Zabluda emphasized.

    In addition, as part of the 2024 spring-summer campaign, "Rivneazot" also restored the operation of the gas synthesis preparation unit and modernized the ammonia synthesis unit. These steps were taken with the support of Ostchem's investment program, which has been actively implemented over the past two years.

    "Our investments are aimed at optimizing costs and improving production indicators, which will allow us to more effectively meet the needs of the market," added the chairman of the board of "Rivneazot".

    According to the company, farmers increased their demand for nitrogen fertilizers by at least 15% in May-June 2024, which is explained by the rise in grain prices and the general situation in the agricultural sector of Ukraine.


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