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  • Poland considers extending embargo on Ukrainian goods

    Опубликовано: 2024-02-28 17:00:54

    Poland is considering imposing a ban on imports of new Ukrainian goods if the European Union does not develop an effective mechanism to protect the Polish and European markets. Among the goods that may be at risk are eggs, fruit, and meat.

    This was announced by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, The Guardian reports.

    "We are discussing the possibility of expanding the embargo to other products if the EU does not develop a more effective mechanism to protect the Polish and European markets," the Prime Minister said.

    Over the past week, Polish farmers have been protesting against imports of Ukrainian products at the border. They demanded that the ban be extended to other products, including fruit, eggs, and meat.

    This move by Poland has caused outrage among Ukrainian producers who fear losing access to an important market for their goods. Relations between the two countries could deteriorate as a result of such measures.

    The Polish government is actively looking for ways to protect its own producers from competition arising from imports of Ukrainian goods. However, this could also affect trade relations between Poland and Ukraine, which have become a significant part of both countries' economic life.

    The current conflict over food imports could affect further cooperation between Poland and Ukraine in other areas, including political and economic.


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