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  • Britain increases aid to Ukraine: $310 million for ammunition

    Опубликовано: 2024-02-27 17:00:25

    The UK government has decided to significantly expand its assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including increased artillery support to be used for the purchase of shells. This decision provides for the allocation of 245 million pounds, which is approximately $310 million.

    It is noted that this assistance includes spending almost a quarter of a billion pounds over the next year to expand artillery ammunition stocks for Ukraine.

    The UK government has also signed a number of contracts with the British company Cook Defense Systems to manufacture hundreds of spare tracks for tanks and armored vehicles, which will allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to restore equipment. These contracts will be financed by both the UK and the International Fund for Ukraine.

    Defense Minister Grant Shapps said that this decision is part of the UK's efforts to do everything possible to ensure that Ukraine can fight to victory. Confirming this, he added that the total aid from Britain during the war has already exceeded 12 billion pounds.

    In addition, Shapps noted that the UK will continue to lead an international coalition to increase the ability to supply advanced unmanned aerial vehicles to Ukraine.

    It is worth noting that this assistance comes in the context of the escalating conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and is a demonstration of the UK's support for the Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom and independence.


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