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  • Donald Trump: Non-intervention in case of Russian attack and refusal to help Ukraine

    Опубликовано: 2024-02-13 14:00:24

    Former US President Donald Trump has announced that he will not support NATO member states in the event of aggression by the Russian Federation and refuses to provide financial assistance to Ukraine. His statements, according to CNN, caused a significant wave of outrage.

    Trump said that he would assist Russia in any of its actions against NATO member states if they did not meet the requirements for defense spending. He also opposed the Senate bill on foreign aid to Ukraine.

    During a rally in South Carolina, Trump noted that NATO was "defeated" before he came to power. He emphasized the need for NATO member states to fulfill their financial obligations to the alliance.

    The former president even shared an anecdotal situation with one of the presidents of NATO countries, who asked him if the United States would defend them if they were attacked by Russia, even if they did not fulfill their financial obligations to the alliance. Trump's answer was categorical: "No."

    In response to Trump's statements, the White House called them "appalling and ridiculous." White House spokesperson Andrew Bates emphasized that the current president, Joe Biden, has a clear plan to strengthen NATO and strengthen the alliance, which is key to ensuring security and stability.

    Trump also opposed the Senate bill on foreign aid, especially to Ukraine. He believes that the United States should not provide financial assistance to any country except in the form of loans, not unconditional transfers.

    In his argument, Trump noted that financial aid should be conditional, and he called for loans with the most favorable terms. He emphasized that the United States should not allow funds to be spent without conditions of repayment or without setting requirements.

    Donald Trump, who currently has the most support among Republicans as a candidate for the 2024 presidential election, has been actively making ambiguous statements about the conflict in Ukraine. These statements create a certain tension in Ukrainian-American relations, as well as between the United States and other partner countries.


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