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  • Donald Tusk accused the Polish government of inaction on the border with Ukraine

    Опубликовано: 2023-11-30 13:00:15

    The situation around the blockade of the border with Ukraine has been criticized by the leader of the Civic Coalition and future Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk. He accused the Polish government of inaction in this matter, warning that such actions jeopardize relations with Ukraine and the interests of the country as a whole.

    Tusk believes that the government's inaction is unjustified, as it could negatively affect friendship with neighboring Ukraine and Polish interests in general. He emphasized that despite supporting Ukraine, Poland should not forget about its own national interests.

    According to Tusk, the current Morawiecki government is playing an unprofessional and cynical game, first demonstrating radical support for Ukraine, and then switching to an anti-Ukrainian position due to negative public perception. This, according to Tusk, has led to a difficult situation at the border and deterioration of relations not only with Ukraine but also with the European Union.

    Tusk called for a solution to the difficult situation at the border, emphasizing that even in an issue such as the drivers' protest, the authorities should be attentive to the country's fundamental interests and maintain stable relations with Ukraine and the EU.


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