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  • The Ministry of Digitization announced plans to expand the list of digital documents in the popular Diya application

    Опубликовано: 2024-06-25 15:00:34

    The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine announced plans to expand the list of digital documents in the popular Action application. In the coming days, Ukrainians will have the opportunity to obtain electronic versions of marriage, divorce and name change certificates without the need to carry paper copies with them.

    This was reported in the press service of the agency, emphasizing the convenience it will bring to users in everyday life. In particular, Ukrainians will soon be able to confirm changes to personal data during registration of various services, such as receiving parcels or registration of benefits.

    According to information from the Ministry, as part of the "Diya" application, birth certificates of children will also be automatically available based on their tax number. This will simplify the process of interaction with state authorities and services for parents who changed personal data after the birth of a child.

    Mykhailo Fedorov, the head of the Ministry of Statistics, emphasized that the innovations in "Dia" will allow to avoid misunderstandings and errors during manual data entry, which is especially relevant for families where one of the parents changed his surname after the birth of the child.

    In order to use digital certificates in Action, users will need to log into the application using a verified tax number. The Digital Ministry invites Ukrainians over 14 years of age to join the beta testing of the new service to ensure its maximum efficiency and ease of use.

    The introduction of digital certificates in "Diya" will be another step towards the digital transformation of public services in Ukraine, aimed at ensuring accessibility and efficiency of services for citizens.


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