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  • Chinese scientists have created an electronic skin with a 3D structure

    Опубликовано: 2024-06-10 14:00:13

    Chinese scientists from Tsinghua University have achieved a significant breakthrough in the development of electronic skin, which is the first in the world with a three-dimensional structure that imitates the properties of human skin. This news was published in the journal Science.

    Electronic skin reproduces the complex structure of human skin with its own epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. It is able to simultaneously perceive and process three types of mechanical signals: pressure, friction and stretching.

    The researchers explain that e-skin sensors accumulate the received signals, which are then processed using deep learning algorithms. This approach allows the electronic skin to recognize the texture and contours of objects with extreme accuracy of approximately 0.1mm, rivaling the sensitivity of human skin.

    One of the potential applications of electronic skin is its integration into the fingertips of medical robots. According to the researchers, the technology could also be used as a patch to monitor important health indicators in real time, such as blood oxygen saturation and heart rate.

    The introduction of electronic skin into medical technology can significantly increase the accuracy of diagnosis and monitoring of patients' conditions. This innovative solution opens up new prospects for the development of the medical industry and can help improve the quality of life of patients by providing reliable and accurate examination methods.

    Scientists continue to work on improving the technology of electronic skin to make it even more efficient and versatile for use in various fields, including medicine, robotics and other areas where high accuracy and sensitivity of sensors are required.


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