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  • Strengthening cultural ties: Estonia returns cultural heritage artifacts to Ukraine

    Опубликовано: 2024-05-02 10:00:35

    On April 30, the National Museum of the History of Ukraine held a solemn presentation of 274 archeology artifacts, among which 115 are ancient coins. These cultural values were previously illegally exported from Ukraine, but thanks to the efforts of Estonian border guards, they returned to their homeland.

    This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

    "Now, together with Ukraine, the whole world is civilized (...). We are grateful to everyone who participated in the return of Ukrainian cultural heritage to the homeland, to everyone who works for the good of Ukraine," emphasized the Acting Director. Minister of Culture Rostislav Karandeev.

    Among the archaeological artifacts returned to Ukraine are unique jewelry from the Scythian, pre-Roman and Roman periods, finds from the Middle Ages, as well as Byzantine coins.

    Scythian artifacts include paired plaques in the form of griffins of the IV-III centuries. B.C. and the casing of a vessel from the same period, the analogues of which are known from the barrows of Ukraine.

    Ornaments of the pre-Roman and Roman periods are amulets in the form of cylinders and beads, gold beads, ornaments with almandines, as well as a pasty insert in the form of a scarab, I-III centuries. Similar finds are known from Sarmatian burials and burial grounds in Western Crimea.

    Among the medieval finds is a ceremonial horse harness of the 8th-9th centuries, which is typical for burials of the Khazar Saltovo-Mayak culture on the territory of Ukraine. A ring of the X-XII centuries was also discovered. with a Byzantine plot.

    Among the coins are Byzantine ones from the X-XI centuries. during the reign of the emperors Constantine the Great, Nikiphoros Phokas, Ioann Tzimischios and Vasyl Bolgarobiets. Such coins were common in medieval Ukraine.

    "The collection returned to Ukraine by Estonia belongs to the thousand-year history of our country. We are sincerely grateful for this step," noted the General Director of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine Fedir Androschuk.


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