Attraction by fragrance: secrets of perfume use

18 май, 08:48

According to a study by the American magazine Cosmo, men do have certain preferences in women's fragrances. The results of surveys of the stronger half confirm that women's perfume can help attract their attention to a woman. One of the main tips is that men are more likely to respond to fragrances that best suit the personality and reveal their character.

The most attractive perfume composition that can mesmerize most men is a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie scent. Studies show that men are extremely relaxed by this fragrance and simply adore it.

It is important to pay special attention to the places on the body where the perfume is applied. Remember to apply the fragrance to the warmest areas of the body (where the blood pulses) such as the neck, collarbones, earlobes and under the chin.

Although men have a less developed sense of smell than women, this doesn't mean you should apply fragrance to the same spot several times. Just one drop on each area of the body is enough. One strong magnet for men is the smell of perfume applied to the back of the head. Some people claim that the scent of perfume sprayed on.... buttocks can be a strong attraction.

Men can be fascinated by a woman's hair that smells like vanilla - it's a real magnet for them.

You don't have to use the same fragrance on both your body and hair. Men appreciate when they can smell both the perfume and hair scent, as well as the scent of body lotion.

To leave behind an appealing scent trail, apply perfume in the following way: spray a couple of times in the air to create a “cloud” of fragrance, and then slowly work your way through it. Two of these small clouds will make you more attractive than ever.

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