Artificial Intelligence Development in Priority Sectors: The Cabinet's Strategy

17 апр, 09:30

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the concept of the State Targeted Scientific and Technical Program for the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies in Priority Sectors of the Economy until 2026. According to Resolution No. 320-r, the Ministry of Strategic Industries has been designated as the state customer of the program.

The government ordered the agency and other interested bodies to develop a draft state program for the use of AI in priority industries within six months. The goal of the program is to identify ways to develop AI and introduce state support mechanisms to create favorable conditions in priority industries.

Among the priority industries where AI technologies are used are mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical industry, coal industry, defense industry, nuclear industry, science and R&D, agriculture, and healthcare.

The use of AI in these industries is associated with the need to modernize production processes and decision-making at various levels of government. The program is expected to increase the innovation component in production processes, expand cooperation with partner countries, and help attract business entities.

The development of artificial intelligence in Ukraine is an important area that will help increase the country's economic potential and its competitiveness in the international arena. The program envisages the involvement of the best practices and experts for the successful implementation of the planned activities.

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