Relationships and fullness: the impact of personal life on health

29 ноя, 15:28

A long and stable relationship between partners can bring not only joy, but also entail certain health concerns. Researchers have found that long-term relationships can lead to overweight, which in turn can cause various health problems such as obesity and cardiovascular disorders.

The results of the UK survey showed that more than 60% of participants noticed weight gain during a long-term relationship. Meanwhile, 70% of respondents confirmed that their partners had also gained extra pounds. Almost 60% of people believed that the extra weight was related to eating disorders and increased portions.

Women found themselves in a more vulnerable position, changing their habits under the influence of their partners. The study revealed that women started consuming the same foods as their husbands, as a result of which many of them faced weight gain.

About 30% of the respondents admitted that they became less active in stable relationships, preferring to spend time at home in front of the TV and eating sweets. This suggests that lifestyle changes can also affect physical activity and eating habits.

The study emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle within a relationship and also highlights the need to make healthy food choices together to support the well-being of both partners.

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